Manifest your
dream business

Soulful entrepreneurs on their healing journey to activate their truth - that they are limitless! Perfect if you're not yet ready for 1:1 coaching + desire connection with fellow Soulful CEO's.

who is this for?

Monthly membership to activate your soul truth. Fortnightly calls with bespoke healing + activation to support the collective journey. Sessions may include: activations, visualisations, EFT tapping, chakra healing, reiki healing.

Quantum Activation

If you're not feeling aligned for 12 week coaching, this 6 week deep dive will realign your mind, body + energy with your desires so you are open to RECEIVING with EASE!

who is this for?

A 6-week 1:1 deep dive coaching experience for female entrepreneurs who are feeling resistance with their desires + are ready to release the trigger to step into their true selves. 


You have big, juicy desires for your business, but you're feeling out of alignment with it. This 12 week coaching dives deep into Miracle Mindset, business energetics + soulful selling - so you THRIVE with EASE! 

who is this for?

A 12-week 1:1 expansive coaching experience for female entrepreneurs who are READY to grow + scale their business with more ease + flow. 


1:1 & Group Experiences  

You're noticing a pattern of behaviour, triggers, feelings or thoughts that keep playing out on repeat

You're aware of what's holding you back or keeping you stuck but you don't know how to break through it.

who is this for?

Free yourself from the stories, limitations and protection that’s guiding you to play smaller than your truth.

Limitless: Free to Four