I feel you - and I believe in you!

Are you someone that has beautiful dreams for the future - a fulfilling life with balance and abundance while creating meaningful impact in the world? A dream life where you’re happy, empowered and inspired doing what you love.

Are you a passionate business owner who dreams of success…but there is something holding you back?

You limit yourself!

You’re losing trust in yourself. You don’t feel worthy of your dream future and so you make your dreams smaller to fit where you are. 

Your current inner world doesn’t match your dream outer world. You don’t feel balanced, abundant or confident in your ability to create meaningful impact.

Your mindset and your behaviours are more aligned with lack and scarcity - worrying about where your next clients will be, doubting your brilliance, prioritising others ahead of yourself, and trying every coach’s “blueprint” to make business work for you.

The inner mean girl is loud, and your fears and doubt’s are running the show. 

But, if you’re here, there’s one problem.

There is a gorgeous, successful and abundant CEO within you ready to take the lead with your permission.

And I also know what it’s like when you’re done with the BS and ready to make a positive and lasting change for your life and business. 

I’ve been through the journey and trained as a Certified NLP Mindset Coach to inspire and empower other women like me. Women dimming their light.

I passionately believe that no woman in business should feel unworthy or feel unable to be themselves in business. I believe that success and abundance is your birthright - you’re worthy of everything you desire!

I know what it’s like to have the inner mean girl running the show every day.

If you’re a female business owner who is ready to attract more clients, more financial abundance, and more opportunities by being yourself in business, I’m here to help you.

I adore helping women like you as I was where you are, not that long ago. 

I’ve been on a gorgeous mindset and spiritual journey that’s taken me from starting a new business with zero income, zero clients and oodles of fears around visibility, judgement and general success (I was the Queen of Fear) to building the business of my dreams, while feeling unapologetically worthy of everything I’m creating and receiving.

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I am a Mindset & Manifestation coach that works with female business owners that want to attract more by being themselves in business.

Hi, I’m Becky!

I can take you from “I’m not made for success” to 
“Success is my birthright and I’m ready to receive it with ease and joy”. 

I combine all of my personal experience, certified mindset coaching skills and spiritual beliefs to help you re-connect to your truth, your power and your worthiness. Because when you feel wholly worthy and empowered for your mission, you become unstoppable. Nothing gets in your way!

If you are ready to quantum leap your life and business by focusing on aligning your inner world with your dreams for the future, I’m here to guide and coach you to success.

It breaks my heart when passionate women like you allow the limitations to win and stay playing small when you were meant for so much more. 

Apophyllite + Stilbite (bridging the light between physical + higher dimensions)

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I am the conscious creator of my life. Life responds to me.


Outrageous Openness, Tosha Silver

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Instant Realignment 


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Pisces Sun, Taurus Rising, Taurus Moon

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