But let me be clear…
you’re not BLOCKED…

Your intuition will be communicating to you right now as you read this. You might hear a “YES” or feel a “Becky’s right” in your body or maybe even sense that there is RESISTANCE between what you desire and now.

Trust this part of you. It knows when you feel restricted and limited… and when you’re in alignment with your infinite potential and possibility of this world.

Seriously… it’s all yours ready to be received in this infinite, magnetic Universe.
But are you subconsciously not ALLOWING it to be easily received?

A mindset that's aligned with infinite possibility, radical self-belief + co-creation with the Universe

Go beyond a growth mindset + return to your MIRACLE MINDSET!

Restricting success + financial abundance

Restricting love, happiness, joy

Restricting progress + growth

You’re not blocked, you’re restricted.

I don’t believe in saying you’re blocked… because you’re not! Your consciousness is simply focused more on limitations. Your perspective of the world is limited. 

Phewft. It’s exhausting.

When the truth is, beyond the story, you are LIMITLESS and all of these things are available for you in ABUNDANCE.

This armour becomes your normal. This day-to-day normal becomes your story. 

And in this story, you become the character that plays the same role in this story to remain safe and protected. This protective story defines your whole life + possibilities.

Have you ever felt like you’re in Groundhog Day playing out the same self-sabotage scenarios? I know I have!

These limits aren’t randomly present… they have been chosen to protect you. They are your armour from something

These limits aren’t randomly present… they have been chosen to protect you. They are your armour from something

I know this well… as my limiting stories held me back for YEARS. It feels safer to live within your story than to live beyond it. Simply because of the story that you’re telling yourself.

The really exciting news is that your story can POSITIVELY CHANGE!! 

You get to choose your story. You get to let go (mentally, energetically, emotionally) of this story and choose one that ALIGNS with what you desire in life.

You get to ALIGN with MIRACLES!

And it gets to be EASY!!

What strong stories…
imagine what this is holding you back from!

People like me won’t be successful

I don’t deserve good things

It’s not safe for me to be myself

I’m not good enough

Your story is essentially your subconscious beliefs that feel like your deep-rooted truth. What you believe about yourself feels like it’s set in stone. 

“It’s just who I am”…. NOT TRUE!

Your beliefs are shaped from circumstances, situations, moments and memories from your past. Decisions you made in a past moment that have become your truth. Which become this limiting story!

There are so many ways you may feel restricted right now in business. These are the beliefs I support my clients (and myself) with time after time…

What needs ALIGNING is your STORY!

If you continue to “go for” your desires with this well-rehearsed story as your armour, you will continue to feel the resistance. Because the desire may feel risky, unsafe or too much for “someone like you”.

Your subconscious mind is powerfully automated, and will win by default. 

You’ll find yourself stuck in your story. Replaying the same storyline over and over again.

This is why aligning your inner world with your outer world desires is KEY!

Alignment is Key

This process creates quantum shifts within your mindset, energy + actions. When you let go of the old limiting story, and realign with your truth, you are truly magnetic in this energetic world. You are in receiving mode!

By letting go of this story, you now get to align with your infinite power. You get to choose your new, empowering story that feels expansive so you can stand in your truth. This is a daily commitment to remain aligned with your truest and fullest self, in alignment with your infinite potentiality.

Aligning + Activate your Truth

If this story no longer serves you and actually creates more resistance than protection for you now, it’s time to release. We release energetically, emotionally and mentally. We cut cords with the old story from a place of love and compassion, with support from your Higher Self.

Releasing with Love + Compassion

The story is here for a reason. It’s here to protect and safeguard you in some way. It’s time to understand why this story serves you and where this deep-rooted belief was first decided. Understanding the story is key to detach from it. Your inner child usually holds the answers.

Understanding the Story

Become aware of the story that’s limiting you. Notice the thoughts, emotions and behaviours that feel out of alignment with your desires. There is zero judgement here, simply awareness to the mental + physical manifestation of the story. You are the witness to the story!










When you work with me as a Mindset + Manifestation Coach, we release this outdated, limiting story using the AURA Alignment Process:

The AURA Alignment Process

Holding herself back within her business and showing up as “she should”… to feeling comfortable fully expressing her truest and fullest self. We released an old story where she needed to protect herself from others + embedded the truth that it’s safe to be her sparkly self.

Feeling low, doubtful and lost on her business journey… to being focused on daily, expansive, self-loving rituals that allow her to feel empowered as her journey unfolds. We released an old story that she wasn’t good enough + embedded the truth that it’s safe to love and accept herself as she is.

Feeling fearful about being visible on Instagram… to confidently being live on videos as her most authentic self. We released an old story that it wasn’t safe to be herself + embedded the truth that she is perfect as she is right now.

Clients have experienced these incredible results from one session:



2 weeks of Voxer support as you stand in your power

Personalised + bespoke soul work to embody your empowering story

A detailed questionnaire to dive deep into your story + desires

1:1 session using the AURA Alignment Process (1.5 hour)

Come and join me in my miracle mindset Sessions which includes:

So if you have juicy, expansive business goals and desires right now, but you’re not feeling fully aligned with them… know that your old story is getting in the way.

And I can guide you to RELEASE this story and ALIGN with your truth.
Align you with MIRACLES!

Miracle Mindset Sessions

Sharone, Watercolour Teacher + Author

I have worked with Becky in the Align to Thrive programme over the last year or so. She is a wonderful mindset coach with incredible knowledge and is a very kind and supportive soul. When I first started working with Becky, I was struggling with visibility and confidence. We spent a lot of time focusing on limiting beliefs and routines for me to feel good which allowed me to “raise my vibe”, so much so that I manifested my dream book deal! I feel like I have much more confidence now, in business and in life, and the tools to deal with setbacks in a much more positive way. I have loved working with Becky and am grateful to her for all the things she has opened my eyes to.

"I would definitely recommend working with her, she is a beautiful human and a joy to spend time with"


Working with Becky was like a breath of fresh air, I’ve worked with her on and off over the past year and each time I am completely blown away! Becky has really helped me shift my energy when changing niche as the decision was weighing quite heavy on me and I felt like I wasn’t really moving forwards. After just one session I felt so much more aligned and was able to take easy, intuitive action! Everybody needs a bit of Becky magic in their lives and in their business, I can’t recommend enough.

"I felt so much more aligned and was able to take easy, intuitive action!"


I had a miracle mindset session with Becky, I really didn't know what to expect at all but I can say it lives up to its name. So much came up for me that I was not expecting, obviously buried deep and immediately afterwards I felt so light and happy. The next day I was raring to go and still continued feeling lighter and like something had fully shifted for me. 

I would highly recommend time with Becky she has a lovely soul.

"So much came up for me that I was not expecting, obviously buried deep and immediately afterwards I felt so light and happy"

You Are Limitless!
Let go of limiting stories that hold you back…
Choose and commit to a new empowering story!