The Align + Thrive Programme has been made just for you so you can be fully, authentically yourself in business, create great impact with your business + message and receive your desires with ease.

Wave goodbye to limiting beliefs + say hello to expansion!

Your future self is waiting for you to say YES.

Now, imagine no longer imagining…

Imagine this is now your daily reality.

…That all your doubts + worries are far behind you and you feel worthy of expanding your business

…That you are fully embodying your “do less, attract more” affirmation

…That your mindset is now in alignment + fully supporting your business vision

…That you are amazing just as you are + you can attract anything you desire (the fact that you desire it, means it’s yours!)

Imagine waking up each day knowing that your business is THRIVING with ease

Expansive 1:1 coaching experience for soulful female entrepreneurs who are READY to grow + scale their business with more ease + flow.

Access to all guest experts, masterclasses + trainings from other programmes around manifestation, client attraction + alignment

On demand Voxer access (Mon-Fri) for queries, celebrations + voice note coaching

Personalised soul work (resources + tasks for activation) to embody + integrate the mindset shifts

Reiki healing session every 4th week to support you energetically

3 weekly 1-hour calls per month


Both coaching programmes kick off with a 3-hour alignment call so we can focus on understanding where you are, where you desire to be + creating a fully personalised and bespoke soul plan to support your aligned up-level.

This coaching comes as a 12-week or 6-week programme.

What do you get?

Payment plans also available (with 0% interest)


6 weeks


12 weeks


You have big dreams about making a positive impact in what you do but you feel like you’re holding yourself back - something feels missing

You’re interested in manifestation but stuck in an endless cycle of ‘do, do, do’ meaning you’re burnt out by Wednesday

You want to sell but hate the sleazy sales tactics + you don’t feel good around promoting + selling

Your perfectionism stops you from showing up + being your authentic self

You’re moving in a constant state of ebb + flow + you don’t feel fulfilled. When things are good you feel good, but in your ebb, your daily self-talk and doubts are holding you back from trusting yourself + taking consistent action

 You have a beautiful business that you’re so passionate about but something is holding you back from the success you envision - it feels hard work!

Does this sound like you?

Are you ready to connect with your inner power?

No more lowering your expectations or feeling not good enough.

Because you are amazing just as you are.

You are limitless.

You are worthy.

You have all the answers you’ll ever need.

You simply need a coach to guide you back to yourself. Be that lighthouse to bring you back home.

It’s time to level-up your mindset to be in alignment with your true business vision - that next level.

This coaching programme is for you.

 Your thoughts + beliefs aren’t aligned with your vision…

Your goal feels too big + not possible for someone like you…

You’re having doubts + worries + instead choosing a smaller goal…


And I’ve been there, so I know exactly how you feel.

But this doesn’t have to be your story anymore.

Phewft. It’s exhausting.


I was stuck in a rut with my mindset and business. I lacked self worth and just wasn’t signing any clients. I am absolutely mind blown by the techniques that Becky uses and how quickly | saw results.
After one particular release session, | signed 2 new clients and continue to attract the right audience on social media. The work | have done with Becky has been priceless and I’m so grateful that she has helped me see things in a different way. | love working with Becky and | have even
signed up to another 12 weeks. Best investment!

“Deciding to work with Becky was one of the best decisions of my life!”

Becky Ashton, Perfect Time is Now Business Coach

The experience is like nothing I have ever felt before, she has an incredible way of making you feel safe, warm and all fuzzy inside. And that's not to mention the results, they are virtually instant, as soon as you let the magic happen.I can't wait to work with her again, everyone needs a bit of Becky in their lives.

"Working with Becky is a way for everyone to invite magic into their life."

Anna, Soul-led Brand Strategist

I recently has the best luck (and absolute divine timing) of an alignment session with Becky - and it truly came at a time when I needed it most. We covered so much in our session that I'm still reflecting on each little snippet now and will be for the weeks to come.
Lots of lightbulb moments and I instantly came away feeling so much more refreshed and aligned - which if you had seen me prior to the session you'd see would be nothing short of a miracle!
I can't recommend or shout loud enough from the rooftops about these sessions

"Becky is a god send to me and my business"

 Because it’s all within YOU.

Sounds too good to be true?

it's not.

   Create deep change at the subconscious level so that you fully believe in yourself + feel worthy of your dream business and lifestyle

· Understand + honour your energy to be in vibrational alignment with your desires so you can receive with ease + joy

· Take aligned, meaningful + intuitively guided steps towards YOUR mission + let go of following the hustle blueprints to build your dream business + attract your desires

· Become a magnet to what you desire + see how you attract by being more + doing less

· Manifest the business of your dreams!


In this programme you will:

Business is supposed to be easy + fun. 

And I’m here to tell you it absolutely can be.

So, let’s wave goodbye to the hustle of client attraction and say hello to the energetics of business.

When you co-create + manifest with the Universe, you can do less + attract more.

What you believe + feel about yourself, your business + your clients shape your results. You attract what you feel worthy of… WHAT YOU BELIEVE YOU, RECEIVE.

And it’s your mindset which dictates how you perceive yourself and the world around you.

Tell me. Are you struggling…

…to feel worthy?

…to fully trust yourself?

…to truly believe what’s possible for you?

…to have a positive relationship with money?

…to believe your soul clients are ready for you?

…to feel confident to show up as your authentic self?

…to find balance instead of constantly hustling?

Your mind + energy are the most powerful tools you have.

I have worked with Becky in the Align to Thrive programme over the last year or so. She is a wonderful mindset coach with incredible knowledge and is a very kind and supportive soul. When I first started working with Becky, I was struggling with visibility and confidence. We spent a lot of time focusing on limiting beliefs and routines for me to feel good which allowed me to “raise my vibe”, so much so that I manifested my dream book deal! I feel like I have much more confidence now, in business and in life, and the tools to deal with setbacks in a much more positive way. I have loved working with Becky and am grateful to her for all the things she has opened my eyes to.

" I would definitely recommend working with her, she is a beautiful human and a joy to spend time with"


 I came to the session feeling very out of alignment with my business & way forward & Becky’s approach was just wonderful. Exactly what I needed. She holds space beautifully & is an encouraging beacon of light & energy. It was incredible how the shift in my mindset was instant & how this really “activated” me into a more energised space.Thank you so much Becky. She is a wonderful human being with extraordinary talents. The power of that 90 minute session was invaluable. I also loved that I had her to chat to for the 2 weeks after which helped with the aftermath of my thoughts. Also being able to join the group programme was a fantastic added bonus.
If you are considering working with Becky I would say this is a fantastic introduction to her & her magic….you would be silly not to go for it! ✨😊🙏🏻

"My session with Becky was just wow "

Sarah, Life and Mindset Coach

Becky was an absolute dream to work with. She helped me to make some incredible and expansive shifts during our time together and I don't think I could have achieved everything I have over the last 3 months without her support and our transformative sessions. She's a lovely human being and I felt so comfortable and at ease opening up to her.

"I made some huge shifts and realisations thanks to Becky's guidance that I don't think I ever could have made on my own."

6-figure business coach & online educator

You deserve to Align + Thrive

You are the artist of your life.

Nothing is beyond your reach.

Because you are meant for so many amazing things.

Surrender + let go of the how


 Take aligned action


Be an energetic match


Release the resistance


 Know what you want


For you to trust your intuition and become your own best guide to manifest your dream business + lifestyle using my FIVE steps to manifestation:

And that’s exactly what I want for you

Believe it’s possible + believe in yourself

Be open + ready to receive energetically

Be taking consistent, intuitively guided + aligned action towards your goal

You will:

When the 3 are completely balanced, you will be in receiving mode for what you want.

Mindset. Energy. Action.

I feel unapologetically worthy of everything I’m creating and receiving. And I passionately believe that no woman in business should ever feel unworthy or unable to be their authentic selves in business. Because just like me, you’re worthy of EVERYTHING you desire!

And guess what?

She exists + she is available for you. My approach uses subconscious transformation to release BS old stories + patterns, somatic energy healing, abundance mindset practices + co-creating rituals to manifest your dream business with the impact you envision.

This is the same work I have done on myself, with my coaches + continue to practice every day as I continually quantum leap!

The focus of all the work I do is to guide women like you to quantum leap + embody the version of you that is living her dream life. 

I started a new business with zero income, zero clients and zero confidence. And I know what it’s like to fight off negative self-talk every. single. day.

Since then, I’ve been on a gorgeous mindset, energy + spiritual journey that led me to building the business of my dreams + becoming fully trained as a Certified NLP Mindset Coach.

I’ve been where you are today. I’ve walked a mile in your shoes. And I’ve been there, done that + got numerous t-shirts to show for it.

Why me?

Right now, you will have FREE access to Quantum Activation membership while we work together. This includes BONUS fortnightly calls which include group coaching (with a soul sister community to connect with fellow Soulful CEO's) and collective healing. Sessions may include: activations, visualisations, EFT tapping, chakra healing, reiki healing.

Plus you will receive free access to any masterclasses that are run during our time together.

What bonuses are included?

The soul work is personalised to you + will be based on the coaching work we do together in our calls. Any soul work will be given with the intention to support you with aligning, embodying + becoming your truest self. It could include journaling, meditations, visualisations, tapping, rituals, books, or so much more.

What will be included in the soul work?